Website Design For Newbies – 3 Reasons For Effective Website Color Design

If there’s one message that newbies to website design always fail to remember it’s that every single detail on your website plays a role in the success of your online business. There is no single detail that’s too small that it has no effect at all on your performance and your success. One of the seemingly small, but actually very important details of website design is the color choices and combinations you display on your website. Take a look at these 3 reasons why proper color schemes on your website can help your online business be more effective.

1. People Have Color Associations – It has been proven many times through research and various studies that people subconsciously associate different colors with different things. For example, light blue, green or beige tones have been shown to help soothe people and keep them relaxed or at ease. Different shades of the same colors can mean many different things though. Green could easily make people associate with the environment, or with money. Dark red can be threatening and intense, black could intimidate people or make them feel trapped and so on.

Therefore, always use common sense when choosing your colors to ensure you are sending the right kinds of messages. You don’t want people to subconsciously feel a certain way about your business before you ever get the chance to make a more positive and accurate impression.

2. Colors Can Scare People Off – A poor choice of colors can instantly turn off visitors to your website. Nine times out of ten, when somebody visits a website with a really poor choice of colors – brightly colored neon text on other brightly colored backgrounds for example – they immediately leave the page. You could be offering them a guaranteed cure for cancer and it wouldn’t matter, because they wouldn’t stick around long enough to see what you have to say. But more appropriate color schemes and tones will make your website very readable and very approachable.

3. Color Can Add to Your Professionalism, or Take Away From It – Different colors can make your website seem very professional, or they can also make your website seem very unprofessional. For example, bright yellow colored text on a bright pink backdrop is not only going to be unreadable but it won’t be projecting any kind of positive or professional image. If someone manages to not click on the back button as soon as they get to your page, they’ll still be much less likely to take what you have to say seriously.

Don’t overlook the importance of color schemes in the website design for your online business. The right choices can make you professional and approachable, but the wrong ones can instantly doom you.

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