Free Shampoo Samples – Bottom Line

Sure you can get your free shampoo samples conveniently online, but what’s the bottom line? For the manufacturer, it’s a good way to build loyalty and increase customer base. For the consumer, getting free samples enable them to save money that otherwise they will have to spend to try out the shampoo.

Why Manufacturers Give Out Free Shampoo

Shampoo manufacturers give away freebies such as free samples as they see it an effective way to promote their products. There’s something about freebies that people are lured into it. Who doesn’t want to receive essentials such as shampoo for free?

Another reason for giving away free shampoo is to test how the market will receive the product. If you are new brand, this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to see how your target market will react to your product. If you are an existing brand, free samples will help you promote the new improved formula of your shampoo.

What Consumers Can Get From Free Shampoo

There are several benefits consumers get from free samples. You can test out the shampoo without buying it and see how it works on your hair. This allows you to save on cost while identifying the shampoo that suits your specific hair type best.

Second, if you are running on a tight budget, you can use the free samples to augment your needs. As they come from either a 50ml to 100 ml bottles, you can survive a few washes before you actually have to purchase another bottle of your brand.

Third, you may find out through the free samples that your hair needs special attention and care that the shampoo can deliver. For instance, if you are suddenly into coloring your hair, there might be a shampoo especially formulated to protect your hair from the chemicals of the hair color.

Free shampoo samples are a win-win solution to both the manufacturer and consumers like you. The bottom line is you both stand to benefit from the freebie.

Chlorine Free Diapers – A Safer Alternative

Chlorine is a strong chemical. It’s main purpose is to target and kill bacteria and other micro organisms. Having your loved ones close to this chemical is inexcusable. Think about this, would you want your child to wear a product that was manufactured using chlorine?

The bright white color that is rendered on diapers is primarily achieved through chlorine. It essentially bleaches out both the plastic and fabric of diapers to effectuate that nice brisk white color. Albeit the fact the diaper is sanitized and visually appealing, chlorine can chafe sensitive skin, like babies newly formed skin, and can lead to an increased risk of diaper rash. The chlorine that is used by manufacturers for disposable diapers creates tons of toxic waste each year. There is a possibility for this contaminant to free itself into groundwater and pollute rivers.

Chlorine free diapers are a green solution in that they are better for the environment, and also offer a safer solution to your baby. Technology has been cultivated to manufacture diapers with bright white color free of chlorine. These diapers are meant to be gentler on skin and promote rash free bottoms. The look and feel of these diapers are indistinguishable to popular brands such as huggies, pampers, and luvs. Recycled paper and plastic are used in manufacturing and propose an environment friendly alternative.

If traditional disposable diapers are causing problems to your baby or if you are looking for another way to promote a green lifestyle, please consider buying chlorine free diapers. For further research, please look to the different products on the market as most provide good detailed content.

Free Feng Shui Tips For Romance

Does your love life need a quick boost? Feng shui can produce results that will tickle you pink! And, pink is a color to use if romance is your goal.

Start with your “romance corner.” In Black Hat Sect (BHS) Feng Shui, that’s the far right corner of your home, as you walk in the main door. (Remember, you can apply feng shui to your entire home, or just one room if you prefer.)

In Intuitive Feng Shui, it’s your bedroom; Compass School enthusiasts will focus on the southwest corner of the room or home.

First, get the clutter out of that area: Nothing under the bed, no overfull trash containers, no musty ashtrays, and no dead plants. Nothing that reminds you of a failed relationship, either. If you have clothing or books strewn around the room, pick them up. It’s a good idea to vacuum every inch of the floor; after all, you’re making a fresh start, right? Be sure to get rid of dust and cobwebs on the walls and ceiling, too.

If the room at the back right corner of your home is a bathroom, this symbolizes romance going down the drain. Be certain to keep the toilet lid down when it’s not in use. Some people go to the extreme of putting stoppers in sink drains, but that can seem a bit weird; stick with what looks good, and you can’t go wrong.

Now, look at the colors in that area. For romance, you’ll use pink, white, and red. Try not to use any one color so much that it’s overpowering. And, if you’re a guy and you’re wincing over the idea of frilly pink decor, it doesn’t have to be a feminine pink. In fact, you can use mostly maroon and white, and touches of a very gray-ish pink as accents. (If you went to Harvard, you can use your school colors.)

Finally, it’s time to add some finishing touches. The first rule about the romance corner is: Nothing all by itself. Like Noah’s Ark, everything should be in twos. If you have one of something–like a romantic red candle–make sure to display a second one.

Flowers are also a great choice, but be sure that they’re kept fresh. That’s a second rule in this area (and throughout your home): Nothing dead. No dried flowers; if you won’t remember to throw the flowers out when they wilt, get silk ones instead.

If you’re going to display roses, whether they’re plastic or real, be sure that they don’t have thorns. Everything in the romance corner should feel nice to touch. Of course, cactus plants don’t belong here, unless your immediate goal is to break up with someone.

As a final touch, you can display images that relate to your ideal mate or partner. Or, put up some pictures that look romantic to you.

Now, light a couple of candles for a soft glow. Put on some music that makes you smile and think of being in love. Admire what you’ve accomplished with this area, and know that Mr. (or Ms.) Right is probably coming into your life very soon. You’ve done all the right feng shui things to attract romance, and this corner of your home looks wonderful.

(c)2005, Aisling D’Art, Houston, Texas

Free Coloring Sheets – Fun Activities for Kids!

Are your kids bored or tired? Are they looking for something fun to do? There’s no need to spend lots of money to find fun activities for kids. Free coloring sheets can keep kids busy for hours or even days! These cool images are original and printable. You won’t find these printable coloring pages anywhere on the market! They are specifically, drawn by an artist, for a website offering fun activities for kids and adults.

There are a variety of cool images within lots of categories. All of the images pertain to the farm theme, whether it’s indoors or out. Find farm animal coloring pages: cows, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and more! Find vehicles found on a farm such as cars, trucks and tractors. Find things grown on a farm like fruits and vegetables. Kids can learn all about farm life while coloring their artistic creation! Coloring can be a relaxing activity kids and adults. Some pages have fun trivia questions too! Kids and adults can stimulate thinking and memory skills, with these fun trivia questions. Free coloring sheets are fun art activities for children and adults!

Find the best coloring art supplies: crayons, markers, pencils, sharpeners and more! You can save money, lots of ways, when you buy quality art supplies. For example, there’s no need to throw away dull, flat, crayons. This can be wasteful and expensive. Sharpen them with a crayon sharpener, electric or manual, for continual use. Your crayons can look good as new! Another example, of saving money, is to buy washable markers. There’s no need to worry about marker stains on furniture, floors, doors, walls or even clothes! Using washable coloring supplies, takes the stress out of coloring, at least for adults! Crayola is an established, trusted, name in the coloring business, worldwide. They make numerous and practical coloring supplies.

Kids can be proud of their colorful art creation! Hang their work around the house, use them at parties, frame them, take them on trips or give them as gifts. Coloring can be a fun learning experience, when spending time with a child. Ask questions about the images be colored. Fun trivia questions help to stimulate thinking and conversation. There are lots of ways to use free coloring sheets! There are so many cool images to choose, enough to last for hours or even days! So, kick the boredom blues out and start coloring! Printable free coloring sheets, with cool images, coloring supplies and fun trivia questions, can brighten your day!