Coloring Can Help Your Children!

Every child of any culture has figured out that coloring is such a wonderful activity that they can engage in. However, since the arrival of wonderful technologies like computers, internet as well as printers, parents and even kids have gained the access of printable coloring pages. At any point in time, your child can look for any free coloring page just to keep themselves well-entertained.

Eventually, you should think that the finished page of the coloring is a work of a little Picasso and most parents are inclined in looking at that way. The search for these free coloring pages also introduces most of the children into internet as well as technology. They actually pick up many things that most of the people only take for granted. There is actually a manual on how to use both of the mouse and keyboards. You kids could also learn about logging into the internet and searching about needed information about this. As a matter of fact, looking out for free coloring pages could be turned into a chance of showing the children about the world of information underneath their fingertips.

free coloring pages online are actually a chance of showing your kids that there is a world waiting for them. This idea even works well into a pinch. If you have a number of kids and there is only one who are fond with printable coloring pages, then it would be very simple for you to look out for free coloring pages around the internet.

So, ask your child about there ideas of free coloring pages and look for it. These activities are actually a good thing, coloring can help make your child feel that he or she is a great artist. It will definitely help them develop a great sense of self-esteem. So, as a parent, it must start within your hands.

Ammonia Free, The Color of the Future

Every day thousands of women have their hair professionally colored. In fact, 54% of us color our hair regularly! The hair color industry is ever changing, and ever growing – unfortunately environmental and immunity complications for salon clients are also growing. Much of this is due to the adverse effects of ammonia. Leaving the salon far from “refreshed,” clients end up with headaches, stinging eyes, trouble breathing, or a nasty rash.

Conventional hair dyes usually contain ammonia, which is specifically designed to burn and degrade surfaces. Many products labeled as ammonia-free contain a substitute, which is just as harmful as ethanolamine. However, a new breed of hair color is available – green, fumeless, non-damaging, ammonia-free hair color. We look at why Kasia Organic Salon and other inspiring natural beauty salons are loving ammonia-free color. As we know, it’s part of the future of beauty!

Kassie at Kasia Organic Salon educates hairstylists, aiming to rectify the lack of knowledge in the hairdressing profession about the color lines they use on a daily basis. “The future is now, and it’s high time hair salons start using healthier options for themselves as well”, says Kassie Kuehl.

No Ammo! Why Conventional Color Just Doesn’t “Cover” It

The reasons for choosing an ammonia-free (and ammonia-substitute-free) hair color fall into three categories:
• Your body’s general health
• The health of your hair
• The health of your environment

General Body Health
Ammonia-based dark hair dye were linked by the National Cancer Institute in 1994 to a greater incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma. A study published in 2001 by the International Journal of Cancer found that people who use permanent hair dye are 100% more likely to develop bladder cancer than those who use no permanent dye. 4-ABP is a known human carcinogen, and was recently found in off-the-shelf hair coloring products.

Hair Health
The characteristic flyaway and faded look that you see on heavily peroxided women comes after long-term use of ammonia agents, which leave the hair’s cuticle open and make the hair dry and brittle. Tyrosine, one of hair’s amino acids, is also damaged by ammonia-based products. When Tyrosine is diminished, this greatly affects the hair’s ability to hold onto color.

Ethanolamine is an alternative to ammonia, however when ethanolamine is used in hair color in order to gain ‘ammonia-free’ status, it needs to be included in concentrations up to 5 times that of ammonia. Ethanolamine is an ‘adhesive’ type chemical, which can never completely be washed out of your hair and off your scalp. After coloring your hair with ethanolamine-containing products, every time you wash your hair the water acts as a mild oxidizer, inflicting further damage on your hair. Fading and gradually developed dryness after coloring the hair are usually attributable to ethanolamine.

“Then how?” Kasia Salon’s color line uses an plant-based alkaline agent that slowly swells the cuticle, then controllably closes the cuticle, returning it as closely as possible to its previous state.

Environmental Health
Over 6.2 billion ounces of harmful chemicals from shampoos and conditioners are washed down the drains and out into our water every day.

Leaving the salon retouched… and refreshed!
Educator and salon owner Kassie Kuehl, spurred by her own health reactions due to working with accumulated amounts of fumes at the salon, built her ammonia-free foundations with Aveda. Now her own business, Kasia Organic Salon, offers fabulous color services so clients can enjoy their experience without inhaling noxious chemicals or experiencing irritated skin and scalp.

Hair Color with a Conscience – Is It for You?

Who should use ammonia-free hair color?
Anyone that is concerned with the volume of chemicals they ingest every day should look into natural, ammonia-free hair color. However, it is even more useful at some particular stages of life! Look up your nearest organic salon if you:

• Are pregnant – A growing body is well-sensitized to environmental hazards and tiny, unformed human beings are not so lucky. Avoiding chemical exposure is especially important when you are pregnant – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up that flexibility with your looks, free of harmful fumes or odors!

• Are covering grays – If your hair is losing (or has lost) its natural color, you’ll be looking to color more often. With ammonia-free color, your hair doesn’t lose the ability to hold color and remains strong and healthy, rather than developing the characteristic frizzy, flyaway look.

• Cancer and Survivors of Cancer – With the specific approval of their physicians, this is safe for cancer survivors without any harmful side effects and sensitive smells, and leaves the hair soft and sultry again.

• Young or elderly – Younger and older people are especially sensitive to harsh chemicals. Ammonia-free hair color is particularly recommended for under-18s and over-60s.

A Beautiful Health Lifestyle – Where to Find Ammonia Free Hair Color

Once you know the dangers of ammonia-based hair colors, those ‘Ammonia Free!’ labels sitting on the shelf right next to all the others look pretty tempting. This can be a better alternative when purchasing an off-the-shelf coloring product, but remember the dangers of ethanolamine. Check for both ammonia and ethanolamine ingredients in any hair color you buy off the shelf.

What to do with your new, nutrient-rich color now that you have it? Ask your hairstylist about after-care and everyday maintenance products that let you keep up with the natural snowball you’ve started rolling! Harsh ingredients and harsh environments contribute to fading color. Choosing the proper shampoos, conditioners and UV protective styling products will help prolong the life of your color. Avoid harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and petrochemicals such as propylene glycol and parabens.

The better the health and condition of your locks, the longer your color lasts, the springier your curls and the smoother and glossier your hair will be. Think of it as an investment in your investment. Let your hair feel as good as your conscience!

Natural Beauty is on the move! There are a number of organic beauty salons growing across the country, where you can discover that your hair can be just as silky and glossy, your skin as vital and fresh, and your cosmetics just as potent and long-lasting, but without the harsh chemicals!

Entertaining Your Kids With Free Coloring Pages

Free coloring pages are found all over the internet. They are offered for all of the kid’s favorite characters too including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Dora the Explorer and more. You will also find great themes such as robots, trucks and equipment, princesses, animals, and culture.

With free coloring pages you can create a way for your kids to stay entertained. You won’t be hearing that they are bored. When it is too hot to play outside or bitter cold they need to have indoor activities. Coloring can help them to develop skills and it also helps them to stay quiet.

If you have very young children you may be placing them down for an afternoon nap. Older children can spend time with entertaining themselves with this fun activity. Then they won’t be creating noise that can make it harder for the little ones to get the rest they need. You can print out just a page or two at a time if you like.

Many parents like to print out enough to make small coloring books. It is faster than you think and a great gift that you can give to your child. Plus, you can feel great knowing that they will be using the pictures that they really like. As their parent you already know what will appeal to them the most and make them very excited.

This coloring pages are wonderful for helping children to get excited about the holidays too. For example you can print those for what is just around the corner including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. In fact, they can even give those beautifully colored pages to other people as gifts for that particular holiday time.

If you want your children to get the most from it, allow them to sit with you at the computer and choose the pictures that they would like. They are going to be more inclined to spend time coloring them when they have had some input about what they will look like.

Even though coloring books typically aren’t expensive, you will find they have plenty of pages that the kids simply skip over. With creating your own though, you can be certain every single page is going to be a hit. With single pages too each child can work on one of them independently instead of sharing the same coloring book.

Website Color Design – 3 Fantastic Tips to Use When Designing Your Website Colors

The colors that your website design features have a large bearing on your overall success. Your online business needs all the help it can get, and selecting appropriate color choices for your site is a great way to get started down the path to profitability.

Here are 3 fantastic tips to use when choosing the colors for your website design:

1. Draw from experience. When in doubt for what colors you should choose, draw from your experience as a user of the Internet to figure out what makes sense. Surely you have visited a website before only to end up immediately turned off because of poor color and website design. Think about what appeals to you when you’re a browser rather than the owner of an online business and then apply those factors to your own website design.

2. Keep choices simple. The colors that you choose for your online business should be simple, without too many different selections. If you have 20 different main colors, one for background and each for different headlines and one for links and on down the line, your page is going to look like one giant, contrasting and illegible rainbow. Limit your choices of colors to just a few main selections and keep your selections simple rather than outlandish.

3. Test to see what works best. Once you’ve selected the colors you will use in your website design don’t be afraid to test out different selections to see what works best. You can create a few simple A/B conversion tests to see what colors visitors respond to better. Alternatively, you can quickly poll friends, family members and colleagues to see what they like the best.

Do you want to learn more about color design with your website as well as creating and developing an online business, especially if you’re a newbie? We have just completed our brand new guide on the basics of website design called “Afraid to Start Your Own Website?”.

Download it free here: Basics of Website Creation