Free Pictures for Blog Posts – The Best Places to Find Them

Most bloggers want to find free pictures for their blogs. If you’re making money from your blog, you may have a budget to spend on images to add to your posts, but even then – there’s no need.

Eye catching, bold, relevant and entertaining images add value and interest to your blog. Pictures within a post can deliver information, break up text to make the post more readable, give a touch of color or humor and even bring in traffic and improve overall page optimization..

In this article I’m going to share a few excellent resources which you can use to find high quality free pictures for your blog.

Where to Find Free Pictures for Blogs

  • Stock Xchng – Stock Exchange provides a wide range of creative textures and images, free to download and in large, high quality format. The site require sign up, and also offers premium images below and above the search results returned. They also ask that you leave a message so that the image creators know how their work is being used (fair enough really!)
  • Morgue File – This site has a great range of colorful free stock images which again require no attribution, and are large, high quality files. The only rule is that you do not claim ownership of the work by exhibiting it as a stand alone piece of content.
  • Flickr Creative Commons – A little more complex, this huge resource contains a very large number of pictures which come under various different licenses. You need to check with each image that it’s available for use, whether it’ available for use in commercial context, can be altered, or requires attribution.

Here’s the best bit – you can search all of the sites above in one search with Every Stock Photo. It’s a free stock image search engine which accesses images from multiple sources, allowing you to find exactly what you need with ease.

These are by no means the only resources for finding free pictures for your blog – but they are reliable and contain more images and graphics than you could ever possibly need.

The easiest way to find good images to use for your posts is by picking keywords – either the topic of your post, or an important element of what your post is about. If that approach doesn’t offer any obvious imagery, try finding an image which reflects an analogy or story within your post, or perhaps a facial expression or image of someone engaged in an activity related to the topic. If you think about it, there’s usually something which fits…

Choose a bold and bright picture (especially if you’re sharing your post on Facebook or in blogging communities) and don’t forget to optimize the image size and file size before uploading it to your blog.

That’s it – there’s plenty of fantastic free images to be found on the web – you just have to know where to look. Happy hunting!